The workshop

The object of the Program is to deepen the cultural, technological and strategic knowledges about Textile/Apparel sector in order to develop an advanced plan for a new professional special Profile.

The main features of the above mentioned Profile are, primarily, the capability to manage different phases of Textile/Apparel product designing and particularly to intervene for assuring all the relationships among all Characters who are working in the production and operation compartment of Companies of this specific sector.

The benefits of the Program for the student People are highlighted by the ability of a series of important priorities as the general research in the sector, as the ability of defining market fashion trends, as the capability to develop specific Innovative design in the sustainability and as the ability to create marketing and communication strategies.

The Program

The Workshop held at Brera “Belle Arti” Academy consists in two different Option approachs as follows:

– OPTION A: 50 hour course for #08 meetings, to be organized in one day per week

– OPTION B: 48 hour course for #06 meetings, to be organized in one week (#08 hour lessons per day)


Topics covered by the Course:

– Textile/Apparel Enterprises in market globalization: evolution and fashion trends;

– Textile product system: priority contents as seasonal color story analysis, product collection development and general sustainability plan;

– Basic creative concept: critical analysis of fashion trends and current survey with the attention of iconographic research methodology;

– Designing the Future: which is the methodology for working out and defining fashion trends;

– Technics, tools and methodology system for a correct communication strategy:


Furthermore the Workshop objective is to ameliorate the relationship between Fashion Design student People and the Enterprise Mgmnt for sharing specific Textile/Apparel knowledges and experiences.

For the above, this invitation is addressed to all Textile/Apparel Characters as Yarn designing People, Fabric designing People, Apparel designing People, Store People and  G.D.O. People.

All above mentioned People will be able to get in touch with the our Organization completing the attached admission demand.


Secretariat Studio Simonetti

Via Medici, 7 – 20123 Milano

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