The workshop

The Workshop is organised by the Brera Fine Arts Academy (Fashion Design Department) in partnership with Studio Simonetti and its focus will be on a conceptual and visual narration of the Italian textile design and manufacturing system.
The Workshop aims to define the theoretical underpinnings of the design process, its methodologies and creativity; identify and impart the basic skills involved in developing and showcasing collections; enhance how the “trade” perceives them; drive added value; understand where and when to step into the creative and manufacturing process; and find the appropriate positioning on the target market.

The “Fabric Storytelling” Workshop will be conducted by the Department of Design and Applied Arts, School of Artistic Design for Enterprise, Fashion Design Unit (Department Director, Prof. R. Favaro and Co-ordinator, Prof. F. De Filippi), in the form of a Basic Workshop for all those involved in the Fashion Design process (including textile, apparel manufacturers and retailers).

The Program

The Basic Workshop will be held at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, starting in October 2015. The full programme consists of 50 hours of class work, one day a week in OPTION”A”, while one week, intensive Program in OPTION “B”, covering the following topics:

  1. The textiles factory: globalisation, developments and trends;
  2. The specificities of textiles: the brand value chain. Colour story process, collection development strategy and textile sustainability;
  3. Basic Creative Concepts: a critical analysis of the current strategic approach. Trends and scenarios, iconographic research methodology;
  4. “Designing the Future”: how to develop and define fashion trends;
  5. Advertising and marketing techniques, methods and tools.


The Workshop is designed for Fashion Design students and professionals across the textiles and apparel industry. It will provide a unique opportunity to meet, work and learn together in an innovative Workshop environment, as explained in the enclosed documentation. Participants will represent the entire “supply chain” including yarn and fabric manufacturers, garment makers, and large and small scale retailers.
The basic workshop is free to interested businesses and individuals, who need only complete the application form that can be obtained from the course Secretariat.

Secretariat Studio Simonetti

Corso di Porta Nuova, 24 – 20121 Milano
(+39)02 6571061

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