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Milan’s Brera Academy to host course on textile and apparel


From 6 October 2015 until 24 November 2015, Milan’s prestigious Brera Fine Arts Academy will host the course “Fabric Storytelling” which is focused on the Italian textile design and manufacturing systems…

The course is organized by Studio Simonetti, an Italian marketing, advertising and communication studio that specializes in the textile and apparel segments, in collaboration with Brera Fine Arts Academy. It aims at defining the design process, its methodology and creativity. It will focus on topics such as the textile factory, the properties of textiles, the brand value chain, basic creative concepts, and advertising and marketing techniques.

The course is designed for the academy students of the Department of Design and Applied Arts at the Fashion Design Unit of the School of Artistic Design for Enterprise. It will also be addressed to professionals across the textile and apparel industry. Among participants there will also be textile industry insiders such as, for instance, yarn and fabric manufacturers, garment makers and large and small scale retailers.

Lectures will be held by Edoardo Simonetti, founder of Studio Simonetti, and Danilo Seregni, textile and design expert. Other “lectio magistralis” will be given by well-known market insiders of the textile and apparel value chain such as, for instance, Camillo Cassina (long time denim insider), entrepreneur Matteo Marzotto, Ermanno Lazzarin (owner Eral 55 store, Milan), Tullio Portone (founder Levi’s Italia) and entrepreneur Paolo Ingegnoli.

Enrollment will be open until 30 May 2015.
Maria Cristina Pavarini


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